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We can help you achieve your health, fitness & wellness goals through the convenience and security of having an expert, private, personal trainer who is readily available to you.

Your personal trainer will provide one of the best fitness experiences available. Programs are customized to meet every individual level and goal. When you feel like stopping, your trainer pushes you further—to your Pinnacle.

Personal Training

$ 100 / per session


  • Olympic Figure Skater

    I trained with Jeff for close to 10 years as I was growing up. He and his staff created such a well rounded and sound foundation to my strength that I was almost never injured. My training there increased my quick twitch muscles, led me to a National Championship, and has pushed me forward towards me goals. Though my career has brought me away from Chicagoland, whenever I visit home, I make sure that I can get a workout in with Jeff.
    Danny O'Shea
    Danny O'Shea
  • NFL Quarterback

    Working with Pinnacle Sports during the my college years was the biggest reason I was able to achieve my dream and become an NFL Quarterback. Kevin Barcal, my trainer at Pinnacle Sports, taught me the proper ways to perform on the field, and he also taught me how to take of my body post workout through nutrition and vitamin supplementation. Pinnacle’s partnership with USANA Health Sciences has showed me a brand new world to health. Being that USANA is pharmaceutical grade, NSF Certified, and a $1 million guarantee for athletes, I have complete confidence that they products will keep me healthy and also safe from drug testing through the NFL. I owe so much to Pinnacle Sports!
    Chandler Harnish from Arizona Cardinals
    Chandler Harnish from Arizona Cardinals