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Personal Training

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from $ 125
per session
  • Security of a Personal Trainer
  • Personalized Programs
  • Goal Setting

Group Training

Together we win.
Varies pricing upon request
  • Customized per Group
  • Focused Material
  • Motivational

Sports Training

Take your game to its pinnacle.
$ 125
per session
  • Core training​
  • Injury Prevention
  • ​Body Awareness & Control
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Ages 7-11

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At this age athletes will be trained with a high emphasis on proper body position and running technique. Other focus areas in the development stage are flexibility, balance, core, athletic coordination, speed and agility. Body weight exercise and isometric training helps prepare young athletes for the physical stressors of sport, improves their athletic performance, and reduces the risk of injury. Our athletic training and development is about achieving goals while staying healthy in a positive and energy-filled environment.

Ages 12-14

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Ages 12-14 is often a good starting point for athletes to begin weight lifting. Only athletes we believe are physically prepared are able to start the weight lifting part of this program. This training program will emphasize proper lifting form, progressing athletic movement while refining fundamental skills in speed, agility, and power. Our training will help improve functional strength, core development, balance, flexibility, and conditioning, while being provided with in-depth instruction on proper lifting and running technique.

Ages 15+

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At age 15 and older most athletes have developed the fundamental skills of speed, agility, and power. With these developed neuromuscular patterns the athlete can focus on more sport specific training with an emphasis on weight training and Olympic lifts. This combination helps develop power, strength, speed and agility. Our training program focuses on athleticism, functional strength, core strength, balance, flexibility, functional movement, and conditioning, which will lead to peak performance during competition. This will allow the body to be best prepared for competition, reducing the risk of injury. All phases of training are adapted to each athlete’s needs, and the demands of their sport.

College / Professional

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This program is designed to push college and professional athletes to elite athletic performance. Through the use of our training methods, our athletes develop speed, agility, strength, power, force, acceleration, mobility, explosiveness, reaction, conditioning, balance, core stability, confidence, mental toughness, and good nutrition habits. Our programs place a high emphasis on measuring performance and reaching goals. No two athletes are the same, so no two programs will be the same.